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VOA: N. Korea Breached UN Sanctions by Shipping Coal via S. Korea Last Year
2018-07-17 Updated.
North Korea reportedly transported its coal to a third country via South Korea last year in violation of UN sanctions. 

The Voice of America(VOA) issued the report on Tuesday, citing information released by an expert panel under the UN committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea. 

The panel said that North Korea shipped its coal from Kholmsk Port in Russia to a third country two times via South Korean ports in Incheon and Pohang on October second and 11th last year. 

Earlier this year, the panel said in its previous report that the South Korean ports were the final destinations of the North Korean coal. However, in the latest report, it said the shipments were likely headed to a third country, although it is unconfirmed.   

Meanwhile, an official at the South Korean Foreign Ministry said that there is a need to confirm the findings of the report. 

The UN Security Council Resolution 2371 adopted in August last year imposed a total ban on all exports of North Korean coal.