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Part1. Understanding the Korean Language > 5. Honorifics

5. Honorifics

The Korean language has various expressions according to specific situations and age and status of the people one is addressing to.
The honorifics of the Korean language can be categorized into four groups according to the level of politeness.

1. 어서오십시오.
2. 어서 오세요.
3. 어서 와요.
4. 어서 와.

The ending of the Korean honorifics consists of
`-습니다,' `-ㅂ 니다' and `-여요,' `-아요,' `-어요.'


 읽다  읽 + 습니다.  읽습니다.
 가다  가 + ㅂ니다.  갑니다.
 살다  살 + 아요  살아요
 가다  가 + 아요 (ㅏ + ㅏ = ㅏ)  가요