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Part2. Upon Arrival in Korea > Chapter 7. At the Hotel Reservation Counter

Dialog AOD
  • Vocabulary and Expressions
  • 조금 [jogeum]A little
  • [jeon]Ago
  • 인천 [Incheon]Incheon
  • 성함 [seong-ham]Name
  • 성함이 어떻게 되시죠?[Seong-hami eotteoke doesijyo?]What is your name?
  • 전망 [jeonmang]View
  • 전망이 좋다(나쁘다) [jeonmang-i jota (nappeuda)]To have a good view(to have a bad view)
  • 하루[haru]One day
  • 오십[osip]Fifty
  • 열쇠[yeolsoe]Keys
  • 807호실[pal-baek-chil hosil]Room number 807
Flash Dialog
  • Counter Receptionist :
  • 어서 오십시오, 예약하셨습니까?

    [Eoseo osipsio. Yeyak-hasyeosseumnikka?]

    Hello. Did you make a reservation?

  • Bill:
  • 예, 조금 전 인천 공항에서 예약했어요.

    [Ye, jogeum jeon incheon gong-hang-eseo yeyakesseoyo.]

    Yes. I made a reservation a little while ago at the Inchen International Airport.

  • Counter Receptionist :
  • 성함이 어떻게 되시죠?

    [Seong-hami eotteoke doesijyo?]

    What is your name?

  • Bill:
  • Bill Smith입니다.

    [Bill Smith-imnida.]

    Bill Smith.

  • Counter Receptionist :
  • 네, 예약이 되어 있군요. 어떤 방을 드릴까요?

    [Ne, yeyagi doe-eo itkkunyo. Eotteon bang-eul deurilkkayo?]

    Oh yes. There is a reservation. What kind of room would you like?

  • Bill:
  • 전망이 좋은 방을 주세요.

    [Jeonmang-i jo-eun bang-eul juseyo.]

    A room with a good view.

  • Counter Receptionist :
  • 얼마 동안 계실 겁니까?

    [Eolma ttong-an gyesil kkeomnikka?]

    How long are you planning to stay?

  • Bill:
  • 일주일 정도 있을 거예요.

    [Iljjuil jeongdo isseul kkeoyeyo.]

    For about a week or so.

  • 하루에 얼마죠?

    [Haru-e eolmajyo?]

    How much is it per night?

  • Counter Receptionist :
  • 오십 오 달러입니다.

    [Osip o dalleo-imnida.]

    It is 55 dollars per night.

  • 자, 열쇠 여기 있습니다. 807호실입니다.

    [Ja, yeolsoe yeogi isseumnida. Pal-baek-chil-hosirimnida.]

    Here are the keys. The room number is 807.