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Part2. Upon Arrival in Korea > Chapter 20. Checking on a Lost Item

  • Vocabulary and Expressions
  • 물건[mulgeon]Object
  • 찾다[chatta]To look for
  • 무엇을 도와 드릴까요?[mueoseul dowa deurilkkayo?]How can I help you?
  • 돕다[doptta]To help
  • 가방[gabang]Bag
  • 잃어버리다[ireobeorida]To lose
  • 어디(에)서[eodi(e)seo]Where
  • 두고 내리다[dugo naerida]To leave it
  • 혹시[hoksi]By any chance
  • 택시 번호[taeksi beonho]License plate number of the taxi
  • 기억하다[gieokhada]To remember
  • 모르겠는데요[moreugenneundeyo]I don’t know
  • 속에[soge]Inside
  • 들어있다[deureo-itta]Inside the bag
  • 카메라[kamera]Camera
  • 여권[yeokkwon]Passport
  • 연락처[yeollakcheo]Phone number
  • 연락처를 남기다[yeollakcheoreul namgida]To leave one’s phone number
  • [got]Soon
  • 알려주다(알려드리다)[allyeojuda(allyeodeurida)]To let one know
Flash Dialog
  • Information :
  • 무엇을 도와 드릴까요?

    [Mueoseul dowa deurilkkayo?]

    How can I help you?

  • Bill :
  • 가방을 잃어 버렸어요.

    [Gabang-eul ireo beoryeosseoyo.]

    I lost my bag.

  • Information :
  • 어디서 잃어 버렸어요?

    [Eodiseo ireo beoryeosseoyo?]

    Where did you lose it?

  • Bill :
  • 택시에 두고 내렸어요.

    [Taeksi-e dugo naeryeosseoyo.]

    I left it in the taxi.

  • Information :
  • 혹시, 택시 번호를 기억하세요?

    [Hoksi, taeksi beonhoreul gieokhaseyo?]

    Do you remember the license plate number of the taxi, by any chance?

  • Bill :
  • 아니오, 모르겠는데요.

    [Anio, moreugenneundeyo.]

    No, I don't.

  • Information :
  • 속에 뭐가 들어 있었어요?

    [Soge mwoga deureo isseosseoyo?]

    What was inside the bag?

  • Bill :
  • 카메라와 여권이 들어 있었어요.

    [Kamerawa yeokkwoni deureo isseosseoyo.]

    There was a camera and a passport.

  • Information :
  • 연락처를 남겨 주세요.

    [Yeollakcheo-reul namgyeo juseyo.]

    Could you please leave your phone number with us?

  • 찾는 대로 곧 알려 드릴게요.

    [Channeun daero got allyeo deurilkkeyo.]

    We'll contact you as soon as we find it.