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#Artist Search l 2011-07-20

Member : Jun-su (real name : Kim Jun-su)
Date of birth : January 15, 1988
Height : 180cm
Weight : 68kg
Nickname : Jun. K., Panda

Member : Nichkhun (real name : Nichkhun Buck Horvejhul)
Date of birth : June 24, 1988
Height : 180cm
Weight : 64kg
Awards : 2010 MBC Broadcasting Arts Awards "Popularity Award in the Variety Section"

Member : Taecyeon (real name : Ok Taek-yeon)
Date of birth : December 27, 1988
Height : 185cm
Weight : 76kg
Talent : Cooking
Education : Dangook University (Management Studies)

Member : Woo-young (real name : Jang Woo-young)
Date of birth : April 30, 1989
Height : 178cm
Weight : 65kg
Education : Howeon University (Broadcasting Entertainment Studies)

Member : Jun-ho (real name : Lee Jun-ho)
Date of birth : January 25, 1990
Height : 178cm
Weight : 67kg
Education : Howeon University (BA in Broadcasting Acting Studies)

Member : Chan-seong (real name : Hwang Chan-seong)
Date of birth : February 11, 1990
Height : 184cm
Weight : 75kg
Education : Howeon University (Broadcasting Entertainment Studies)

Former Member : Jae-beom (real name : Park Jae-beom, aka Jay Park)
Date of birth : April 25, 1987 (in the US)
Height : 170cm
Weight : 60kg
Education : Dangook University (Management studies)

Famed producer/singer Park Jin-young introduced his ambitious project 2PM, a group that started off as one when combined with the members of group 2AM. Composed of seven highly talented musicians picked out from numerous auditions, the performance band was expected to upgrade the public’s expectation of a boy band. Believing that fresh concepts and incomparable talents are the only means to survive in the fiercely competitive music world, the seven-member band had subjected itself to intense training. In fact, fans were able to watch their rigorous training and selection process through a documentary called Hot Blood Men on a cable channel. As a result of all that hard work,mbb they were able to make their stunning debut the summer of 2008 with unparalleled dance skills and notable singing, thus totally shattering the existing image of pretty boy bands. These seven talented and handsome young men brought quite a sensation to the music scene in the second half of 2008.

However, controversy struck September of 2009 when past comments made by leader Jaebum surfaced on the internet. Jaebum had taken to his personal myspace page in 2005 to vent about his dislike for Korea using derogatory words. This enraged Koreans who demanded for Jaebum to be kicked out of the group. A few days following the upheaval his past comments had created, Jaebum announced he would be leaving to the US. The remaining members honored his role in the group by leaving a spotlight over Jaebum's usual spot while performing and leaving his vocals untouched on the already recorded songs. Loyal fans also stuck by Jaebum, protesting that JYP bring him back to the group. Towards the end of 2010 and early 2011, there were hints of this being a possibility.

However, February 2010, JYP made an abrupt announcement that Jaebum's contract with JYP was terminated and that he would not be returning to 2PM ever again. Such a strong stance left the public wondering what could have possibly triggered the producer to make such a statement. Tot his day, fans are left in the dark.

As they say in entertainment, the show must go on. And that it did. The group continued to promote as a 6-membered group, achieving their first number one on the weekly rankings of Music Bank with "Heartbeat". After that, many of their later singles followed suit. Separate members also started their own activities such as Taecyeon embarking on acting in the drama "Cinderella Sister", Nickhun joining the popular variety show "We Got Married", and Junsu taking on a contender spot for an idol singer competition show on KBS.

Their single "Hands Up" off of their 2nd album reached number one on the Billboards equivalent in Korea, the Gaon Charts.

Hottest Time of the Day (single, August 29, 2008) : 10 Out of 10, Only You, Angel

Only You Winter Special (single, December 10, 2008) : Only You

2:00PM Time For Change (mini album, April 16, 2009) : What Time Is It Now, Again & Again, I Hate You, Might Come Back

1:59PM (1st album, November 10, 2009) : My Heart, Heartbeat, Will Get Tired Of Waiting, Was Crazy For You, Gimme The Light, Back 2U, All Night Long, Heartbeat (red light mix), 10 Out Of 10, Only You (acoustic mix), Again & Again, I Hate You (lounge mix), Might Come Back (bossa nova mix)

My Color (digital single, December 3, 2009) : My Color

Tik Tok (single, January 12, 2010) : Tik Tok

Open Happiness (promotion single for Coca-Cola, February 16, 2010) : Open Happiness

Don't Stop Can't Stop (single, April 19, 2010) : Don't Stop Can't Stop, Without U, As Soon As, Put My Life On It, Without U, Space

Cabi Song (promotion single for Caribbean Bay, May 20, 2010) : Cabi Song (feat. Girls Generation)

What's Your Celebration? (digital single, May 20, 2010) : What's Your Celebration?

Thank You (single, August 17, 2010) : Thank You

Fly To Seoul 'Boom Boom Boom' (single, August 23, 2010) : Fly To Seoul 'Boom Boom Boom'

Nori For U (single, September 9, 2010) : Nori For U

Stil 2:00PM (EP, October 11, 2010) : Still, I'll Be Back, Even If You Leave Me, I Can't, I Know, Dance2Night, I'll Be Back (club mix)

Hands Up (2nd album, June 20, 2011) : Hands Up, Electricity, Give It To Me, Like A Movie, Don't You Know, Hot, Without U, I'll Be Back, I Can't, Hands Up (East4A Mix), Electricity (220v Remix), Thank You, Don't Stop Can't Stop

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