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Once Again (8) 별 말씀을요

#Drama Lines l 2020-10-19


Jae-seok: 이거 불안한데? 늦바람 무섭다고 독설가로 변하는 거 아니야, 사돈?

I’m getting nervous. You know what they say about late- bloomers. Are you going to turn into a person who gives biting remarks?

Da-hee: 나희 언니처럼?

Like Na-hee?

Jae-seok: 그쵸. 형수님처럼.

아니 나는 형수님 좋아하지만 또 사돈은 사돈다워야지.

형수님 같으면 재미 없을 거 같아.

우리 조금만 변합시다. 할 말은 하는 정도로만.

Yes, like Na-hee.

I like Na-hee, but in-laws should be like in-laws.

I don’t think it’ll be fun if we’re like Na-hee.

Let’s change just a little bit so that we can say what we need to say.

Da-hee: 어쨌든 감사합니다. 사는 데 아주 큰 도움이 될 거 같아요.

Thanks for the advice. I think it’ll be of great help.

Jae-seok: 별 말씀을요. 짠.

No problem. Cheers.

Expression of the Week

별 말씀을요 (No problem)

별 말 – an unexpected and/or eccentric saying, a saying that is not needed

Casual – 별 말씀을

Semi-polite/polite – 별 말씀을요

>>The honorific/polite form of [별 말] which means “an unexpected and eccentric saying” is [별 말씀]

>>[별 말씀을요] is an abbreviated version of “별 말씀을 (다 하세요)” which literally means “you are saying something that is not needed”. In other words, Jae-seok is saying Da-hee’s “words expressing thanks”. This kind of expression places the speaker in a lower position than the hearer, which makes it a polite way of saying “you’re welcome”.

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