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To All Guys Who Loved Me (8) 말씀 편하게 하세요

#Drama Lines l 2021-04-19


Ji-woo : 저… 혹시라도 제가 마음에 안 드는 부분이 있으시면...

If…there’s anything you don’t like about me… 

Hyun-ju’s mom : 무슨 소리 하세요!! 하나서부터 열까지 1,2,3,4 싹 다 맘에 드는데! 

걱정 하지 말아요.

내가 내 살과 뼈와 내 영혼까지 갈아서 두 사람 팍팍 밀어줄 테니까.

What are you talking about? I like you from head to toe. Don’t worry. 

I’ll do anything to make sure that you two end up as a couple. 

Ji-woo : 감사합니다. 그리고, 말씀 편하게 하세요. 어머님. 

Thank you. And please speak to me without any formalities, mother. 

Hyun-ju’s mom : 그럴까 황서방~? 호호호 

Should I? My future son-in-law? (laughs) 

Expression of the Week

말씀 편하게 하세요 (speak to me without any formalities)

말씀 – n. the polite form of “words” (especially of another person) 

편하게 – adv. adverb form of the adjective 편하다 which means “comfortable” or “easy”

Casual – 속 터져 

>>[말씀 편하게 하세요] is commonly used in a conversation among people who have a difference in age or rank. The younger person (or the person of lower rank) can use the expression to tell the older person (or person of higher rank) to speak comfortably to them.  

>>Similarly, [말을 놓다] can also be used by the younger person to ask the older person to speak more comfortably as “말씀 놓으세요.” 

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