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On the Way to the Airport (13) 택도 없지

#Drama Lines l 2021-11-22


수아: 가끔 너 하나만 생각해 하잖아. 언니는 그게 돼?

Soo-ah: Sometimes people say you should really just think about yourself. 

Can you do that?

현주: 택도 없지. 

여기는 첫째, 여기는 둘째, 

여기는 셋째, 여기는 남편이랑 시댁.

Hyun-joo: There’s no way.

Here’s the first, there’s the second.

And then, there’s the third. There’s also the husband and his family…

Expression of the Week

택도 없지 (There’s no way)

턱없다 – absurd; ridiculous; not being within a certain level or not suitable in a situation

Casual – 택도 없지 

>> “택도 없지” is a dialect of the standard expression “턱도 없지” which comes from the adjective “턱없다” which means something is so below a certain level or standard that it is ridiculous. 

>> The expression is used commonly when someone calls a price too low as in “턱없는 가격이다” or “턱없이 낮은 가격이다.” The opposite can also be used as in “턱없이 높은 가격이다” which means the price is absurdly too high.

>>The expression can be used to replace “말도 안 되다” which is used in situations when something is not realistic or does not make sense. 

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