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Doctor Prisoner (1) 확실해요?

#Drama Lines l 2021-11-29


의료자문: 진단서에 있는 병명대로 판코니 빈혈 증세랑 일치합니다.

Medical advisor: As it says in the diagnosis, it is consistent with symptoms of Fanconi anemia.

정의식: 확실해요?

Jung Eui-sik: Are you sure? 

의료자문: 예. 조속히 외부 병원으로 이송하는 게 좋을 듯합니다.

Medical advisor: Yes. It would be best to quickly transfer the patient to an outside hospital.

Expression of the Week


확실하다 – adj. certain, sure, confident, definite; being absolutely true or being certain of something

Casual – 확실해?

Semi-casual – 확실해요?  

>> This expression is to make certain what was spoken by someone else is true. The speaker can use it to ask if there are any mistakes, or uncertainties, or misjudgments in what was said. 

>> Similar expressions can include “틀림없어요?” which means “is everything correct” or “정말 그래요?” which means “is it really true?”

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