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Red Shoes (3) 알아서 잘 할게요

#Drama Lines l 2022-06-20


옥경: 근데 갈수록 얼굴은 왜 이렇게 엉망이야. 회사 생활이 힘들어서 그래?

젬마야. 엄만 니가 그 회사 그만 다녔으면 좋겠다. 

입사한 지 얼마 안 된 건 알지만

Ok-kyung: Why is your face looking worse every time I see you? Is it because of work?

Jemma, I just want you to quit. Although I know it hasn’t been long since you started. 

젬마: 걱정 말아요, 엄마. 제가 알아서 잘 할게요. 

Jem-ma:     Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll take care of myself.

Expression of the Week

알아서 잘 할게요 (I’ll take care of myself)

알다 – v. to know, understand

Casual – 알아서 잘 할게

Polite – 알아서 잘 할게요

>> This expression is to indicate to the hearer that the speaker has understood their concern or advice, but they will make good judgement based on their own decisions.

>> The expression can sound rude at times, so the speaker needs to be careful of their tone when using this expression, especially to elders.  

>>Can be used as a command to others as in “네 일은 네가 알아서 해라” (You should take care of your own business). 

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