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When the Camellia Blooms (9) 있으나 마나네



준기: 진짠데. 우리 아빠도 같이 봤다니까?

셔터는 내려갔는데 안에 불은 켜져 있었어.

It’s true. My dad also saw it.

The shutters were down but the lights were on inside.

필구: 향미누난가... 그럼 한 번 들어가 보지.

Maybe it was Hyangmi? Why didn’t you go inside?

준기: 무섭잖아. 도둑이면 몰라도 귀신이면 어쩌라고.

It was scary. It could have been a thief, but what if it was a ghost?

필구: 아빠 있는데 뭐가 무섭냐. 아빠도 있으나 마나네.

Why is it scary when your dad’s there? A dad’s pretty useless, too.

준기: 야, 그래도 울 아빠가 풀파워로 붙으면 울 엄마 이길 수도 있거든?

울 아빠 힘쎄가꼬 나 목마도 태워주거든? 내가 42킬로거든?!

Hey, my dad can beat my mom if he fights full force. My dad’s so strong he can carry me on his shoulders. I’m 42 kgs!

필구: 나 목마 타보고 싶지도 않거든?

I don’t want to be carried on someone’s shoulders.

Expression of the Week

있으나 마나네 (pretty useless)

-나 -나 – A connective ending used when one's choice does not matter despite many options.

Semi-polite – 있으나 마나네요

>> This expression is used to indicate that the presence of something is so insignificant that it is no different from its absence.

>>In the dialogue, Pil-gu is saying that having a dad is pretty useless because Jun-ki was still scared to go inside, even though he has a dad. 

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