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V.O.S (Voice of Soul)

#Artist Search l 2022-12-05

Members : Choi Hyun-joon, Kim Kyung-rok, Pak Ji-heon

Label : Happy Face Entertainment 

Debut : 2004 



V.O.S is an acronym for Voice of Soul and the name of a Korean R&B boy group that debuted in 2004. The group’s members include Choi Hyun-joon, Kim Kyung-rok and Park Ji-heon. Park departed from the group in 2010, but returned in 2015 when the group signed with a different label. Their biggest hits include “Every Day,” “Please” and “When I Wanna See You.” The group released a series of new singles in 2022, with the latest “I Was You” in Nov. 2022. 



Studio Albums 

This is Voice of Soul (Best, March 2010) 

Wonderful Things (Studio, May 2008)

Blue Castle (Studio, Nov. 2005) 

The Real (Studio, May 2004) 


Extended Plays & Singles

I Was You (single, 2022)

Like Crazy 아픔을 말하는 (single, 2022)

Again (single, 2022)

I Found Love (single ,2022)

Let Us Break Up (single, 2021)

Always Be Here (single, 2021)

Call Your Name (single 2020)

I Miss You (single, 2020

Live Well (single 2019)

Again (single, 2019)

Door (single ,2018)

Time (single, 2017)

Nocturne (single 2017)

Smile (single, 2017)

My Melody (single, 2016)

Live With Me (single, 2016)

Someday (EP, 2015) 

The End. (single, 2014)

Cry and Run (single, 2014)

Memory (EP, 2010) 

The Blue Bird (EP, 2010) 

Routine Free (EP, 2009) 

The Flower Smiles (single, 2007)

The First Time (digital, 2006)

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