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Shim Cheong, the Good Daughter (VOD)


This tale took place a long time ago in the beautiful Dohwa village. 

Seven-year-old Shim Cheong took very good care of her blind father.

Cheong’s mother passed away not long after giving birth to the baby girl, so her father had to beg other women in the village for breast milk in order to raise her all by himself. 

Thanks to his devoted care, the girl grew up to be kind and healthy. 

The monk told Mr. Shim that he could regain his sight if he offered 300 bushels of rice in offering and pray fervently.

Tempted by the possibility of regaining his sight, Mr. Shim impulsively promised to donate 300 bushels of rice. 

Shim Cheong heard that some traders were looking for a human sacrifice, and that they were willing to pay a lot of money. The next day she went to see the traders.

Leaving her crying father behind, she boarded the traders’ ship. 

(To be continued)

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