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To All Guys Who Loved Me (10) 설명이 안돼

#Drama Lines l 2021-05-03


Min-jung : 근데 확실히 대표가 진짜 니 인연이긴 한 것 같애.

But your boss really does seem like your match made in heaven.

Hyun-ju : 왜? 


Min-jung : 33년 동안 죽었는지 살았는지도 몰랐던 니 심장을 뛰게 했는데 

그게 인연이지.

He’s the one that made your heart, that we didn’t know was dead or alive for 33 years, flutter. If that’s not fate, what is? 

Hyun-ju : 근데 전생이란 게 진짜 있을까?

Do you think our past lives really exist? 

Min-jung :당연하지. 그게 아니면 설명이 안돼. 

Of course! How else would you explain this?

Expression of the Week

설명이 안돼 (how else would you explain this)

설명 – n. explanation, account

안되다 – v. fail, not go well

Casual – 설명이 안돼

Polite – 설명이 안됩니다 

>>This expression is used when one is trying to say that someone’s words or actions or a situation cannot be explained accurately or is difficult to explain. 

>>In the dialogue, Min-jung is using the expression to tell Hyun-ju that there is no “scientific” way to explain the connection she feels and the emotions she has for her boss, and that there is no other way to explain it other than fate. 

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