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To All Guys Who Loved Me (11) 콜?

#Drama Lines l 2021-05-10


Hyun-ju : 미안해. 

I’m sorry. 

Do-kyum : 누나가 왜 미안해. 

나도 이번 연재 끝내고 본격적으로 여친 찾기 들어가야겠다. 

미안하면 누나도 적극 협조하든가. 콜?

Why are you sorry? I’m going to start looking for a girlfriend as soon as this project is finished. If you’re sorry, you can actively help me with that. How does that sound? 

Hyun-ju : 콜...

Sounds good. 

Expression of the Week

콜? (How does that sound? Or Okay?) 

Casual – 콜? 

>>”콜” comes from the English word “call.” It is a colloquial expression used by younger generations among close acquaintances and is not used in formal settings. 

>>The expression is similar to “okay?” and is used to casually ask the hearer’s opinion about something in the question form, or to answer to a suggestion in agreement.

>>In the dialogue, Do-kyum is asking his sister to actively help him look for a girlfriend once he’s finished with a project. Hyun-ju answers back with “콜” which basically means she will do what Do-kyum has asked. 


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