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When the Camellia Blooms (7) 그러려니 하면 돼요

#Drama Lines l 2023-05-15


동백: 그렇게 구구절절 말씀 안 해주셔도 돼요.

You don’t have to explain every single word. 

용식: 예?


동백: 제가 옛날 옛날부터 깨달은 제 인생의 진리가 딱 하나 있는데요,

동백이를 누가 좋아해. 누가 저를 좋아하겠어요.

There’s one truth in life that I’ve realized since I young. Who would like Dong-baek? Who would like me?

용식: 제가 좋아하잖아요, 제가요.

I like you. I do. 

동백: 아니야, 우리가 무슨 사이도 아니었고요. 우리 필구가 나 같은 여자 좋대도... 싫죠. 근데 제가 이런 게 너무 익숙해서 대츠 오케이에요. 그냥 그냥 또... 그러려니 하면 돼요, 용식 씨. 

No, nothing happened between us. If Pil-gu liked a woman like me…I wouldn’t be happy. But I’m really used to this sort of thing, so that’s okay. I can just brush it off, like nothing happened

Expression of the Week

그러려니 하면 돼요 (brush it off like nothing happened) 

그러다 – v. abbreviated form of 그리하다 meaning do so, to do in the same way as what occurred or was stated previously

-려니 – a sentence-final ending used to guess a certain situation

Casual – 그러려니 하면 돼 

>> This expression is used to indicate that the speaker can assume that the other person will say or do what they’ve said or done before, and it’s usually of no big difference. 

>>In the dialogue, Dong-baek is telling Yong-sik that she will understand if Yong-sik doesn’t like her or leaves her because she’s already experienced it before.

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