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Once Again (9) 그래도 돼?

#Drama Lines l 2020-10-26


Yoon-jeong : 저기 옥분아, 나 이따 백화점에 교환할 거 있어서 나가는데

나가는 김에 애들 불러내서 점심이나 먹을까? 근처잖아.

Ok-bun, I’m going out later to exchange something at the department store. What about calling the kids and having lunch together since we’ll be heading out? They’re nearby.  

Ok-bun : 그래도 될까? 애들 바쁠 텐데.

Do you think it’ll be okay? The kids will be busy.

Yoon-jeong : 바빠도 밥은 먹겠지. 밥 시간이 딱 정해져 있는데 뭐.

They’ll have to eat even if they’re busy. They have a set time for lunch. 

Ok-bun : 그럼 그럴까? 진짜로 그래도 돼?

Shall we then? Do you really think it’ll be okay? 

Yoon-jeong : 되지, 그럼.

Of course, it’s okay.

Expression of the Week

그래도 돼? (it’ll be okay?)

그래도 – an abbreviated word for “그리하여도”

되다 – to become; turn 

Casual – 그래도 돼?

Semi-polite/polite – 그래도 돼요?

>>”그래도” is a shortened form of “그리하여도” which is a conjugated form of “그리하다” which is a verb that means “to do so”

>>”돼” is a shortened form of “되다” in the question form. The literal meaning of “그래도 돼?” is “is it okay to do so (go and have lunch with the kids)?”

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