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To All Guys Who Loved Me (9) 아무 사이 아니에요

#Drama Lines l 2021-04-26


Hyun-ju : 네, 대표님. 10분 내로 가겠습니다. 네. 죄송한데 제가 선약이 있어서요. 

Yes. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Yes. I’m sorry but I had other plans. 

Mr. Kim : 퇴근 후 약속이라...두 분, 친분이 꽤 두터운가 보네요. 

A meeting after work? You two must be quite close. 

Hyun-ju : 네? 

I’m sorry? 

Mr. Kim : 황대표 어떤 분인진 알고 만나는 건가요? 

Do you know what kind of person Mr. Hwang is before meeting him? 

Hyun-ju : 아, 뭔가 오해가 있으신 것 같은데.. 

대표님이랑 저 아무 사이 아니에요. 

I think you’re mistaken. 

There’s nothing going on between us.

Expression of the Week

아무 사이 아니에요. (There’s nothing going on between us.)

아무 – determiner meaning no, or not any

사이 – n. relationship, a mutual relationship or the degree of emotional bond in a relationship

Casual – 아무 사이 아니야

Polite – 아무 사이 아니에요 

>>This expression is used to express that the relationship between two people is nothing special. It is often used to explain or refute claims that two people are dating or in a special relationship. 

>>“사이” is an expression used to describe a relationship between people. For example, you could use it to describe “friends”  친구사이, or a “married couple”  부부사이 or “co-workers”  직장 동료 사이 

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