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Homemade Love Story (1) 무슨 일이에요?

#Drama Lines l 2021-05-31


장서아: 도대체 뭐 하고들 있다가 대표님 그런 봉변을 당하시게 한 거예요?

Seo-a: What were you doing making Ms. Kim go through such a humiliating experience?

Mr. Gu: 죄송합니다 본부장님. 갑자기 벌어진 일이라...

I’m sorry. It happened so suddenly…

장서아: 아니 갑자기 벌어진 일인데 어떻게 대표님이 자기들보다 빠르냐고요!

Seo-a: How did Ms. Kim react faster if it was so sudden? 

김정원: 장서아 본부장, 무슨 일이에요?

Jung-won: Ms. Jang, what’s going on?

장서아: 아닙니다 대표님.

Seo-a: It’s nothing, Ms. Kim. 

김정원: 우리 장서아 본부장 또 오버했네. 내 사람들 아무 잘못 없어요.

Jung-won: Ms. Jang, you’re overreacting again. My people did nothing wrong. 

Expression of the Week

무슨 일이에요? (what’s going on?)

무슨 – what

일 – matter; affair; a certain situation or fact

Casual – 무슨 일이야?

Semi-polite – 무슨 일이에요?

>> “무슨” is a determiner that is used to ask about something one is not sure of or does not exactly know. 

>> You can use the determiner “무슨” to ask a question in various situations such as “무슨 냄새지요?”  what is this smell? or “무슨 요일에 만날까요?”  what day (of the week) should we meet?

>>”무슨 일이에요” as a question is commonly used to ask the hearer what is going on or if there is something wrong or if there is a problem. 

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