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Homemade Love Story (9) 편하게 대해

#Drama Lines l 2021-07-26


라훈 : 들어오세요 대표님. 

Ra-hoon: Please come in. 

바른 : 오시는데 추우셨죠. 

Ba-reun: It must have been cold on your way here. 

정원 : 아니야 하나도 안 추웠어요. 

Jung-won: No. I wasn’t cold at all. 

라훈 : 제가 따뜻한 차라도 내어드릴게요. 

Ra-hoon: I’ll bring you some hot tea. 

정원 : 아니야 라훈씨! 그러지마. 나 손님 아니잖아. 그냥 편하게 대해. 

Jung-won: It’s okay, Ra-hoon. There is no need for that. I’m not a guest. Just treat me like a friend.

라훈 : 아니에요.

Ra-hoon: I can’t do that. 

정원 : 괜찮은데.

Jung-won: It’s really okay.  


Expression of the Week

편하게 대해 (just treat me like a friend)

대하다 – handle; deal with; to handle with a certain attitude

Casual – 편하게 대해

>> This expression is used when the speaker feels like the hearer is feeling a psychological distance or discomfort in addressing the speaker. 

>>It is usually used by an older/more experienced person (such as a work superior) when addressing to a younger person or junior, asking them to be more comfortable with them. 

>>A variation of the expression, “편하게 말씀하세요” (speak comfortably) can be used by a younger/junior when telling an older person to speak informally (instead of the honorific) to them.  

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