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Doctor Prisoner (2) 여전하구나.

#Drama Lines l 2021-12-06


이제 : 너 싸가지 없는 건 여전하구나.

Yi-je : You’re still the same jerk.

재환 : 뭐라고? …나이제?!

Jae-hwan : What? …Na Yi-je?!

Expression of the Week

여전하구나 (still the same)

여전하다 – adj. being the same as someone or something was before

Casual – 여전하구나, 여전하군 

Semi-polite, polite – 여전하시네요

>> This expression is used among peers to say that someone or something is the same as before although a lot of time has passed. 

>> It can be used in a negative or positive context. In the dialogue, Yi-je is using the expression in a negative way, saying Jae-hwan was a jerk in the past and is still a jerk. 

>> However, the expression can be used positively and is often used as a greeting among people who have met for the first time in a long while. For example, “여전히 멋지세요” is a greeting used for someone you haven’t seen in a long time that means, “You still look great (although I haven’t seen you in a long time).”

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