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Police University (5) 살살해

#Drama Lines l 2022-03-28


서상학: 오늘 첫 수업은 권교수님이시죠?

Sang-hak: Our first class is taught by Professor Kwon, right? 

권혁필: 네.

Hyuk-pil: Yes. 

최희수: 살살해. 살살. 애들 초장부터 잡지 말고. 

Hee-soo: Be easy on them. Go easy. Don’t be so strict from the start. 

Expression of the Week

살살해. (go easy on ~)

살살 – adv. Gently, in the manner in which one moves something or does something carefully 

Casual – 살살해

>>”살살” as an adverb is commonly used with verbs such as “긁다 (scratch), 다루다 (handle), 만지다 (touch)” etc. and means to lightly scratch, handle or touch. 

>>For example, you could use the adverb to tell someone to be careful with a delicate object and say 이 물건은 부서지기 쉬우니까 살살 다루세요.  This object can break very easily so please be gentle with it. 

>>Similarly, in the dialogue, Hee-soo is using the expression to ask Sang-hak to go easy or be gentle on the students as it is their first class.    

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