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Police University (6) 뭐 틀린 말 했어?

#Drama Lines l 2022-04-04


동호 : 제가 사과는 언제쯤 하시나 기다렸는데, 오늘도 그냥 가시네?

왜? 내가 뭐 틀린 말 했어? 

아니 사람 하나 잘못 들여서 학교 위상이 이게 뭐냐고. 

아, 둘인가?

Dong-ho: I was waiting for an apology, but I’m not getting one even today.

What? Am I wrong? 

We let one inadequate person in, and look what happens to the school’s image.

Oh, was it two?

동만 : 그러게요. 근본도 없는 것들이 굴러들어와서 사고나 치고. 

Dong-man: 죄송하게 됐습니다. 

You’re right. Those things with no roots have caused nothing but trouble. 

I apologize.  

Expression of the Week

뭐 틀린 말 했어? (Am I wrong?)

틀리다 – v. be wrong; be incorrect; for a calculation, answer, fact etc. to not be correct 

Casual – 뭐 틀린 말 했어?

>>This expression is often used by a speaker when they want to emphasize that their blunt words to a third party about their wrongful action or behavior was not wrong.

>>Although the expression is in a question format, the speaker is not asking a question and it emphasizes that what he or she has said is correct. 

>>This expression is commonly, but not always used when others are usually feeling the same way about the third party’s wrongful action or behavior but were unable to say anything about it to them. 

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