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Police University (7) 하는 거 봐서

#Drama Lines l 2022-04-11


강선호 : 수사 다 끝나면 학교로 돌아오실 거죠?

Seon-ho: You’ll come back to the school when you’re done with the investigation, right?

유동만 : 너 하는 거 봐서 임마.

Dong-man: We’ll see depending on how you do. 

강선호 : 왜 이렇게 튕기세요?

Seon-ho: Why are you playing so hard to get?

유동만 : 싫으면 튕기지도 않아 이 새꺄.

Dong-man: I wouldn’t even do that if I didn’t like you, pipsqueak.

강선호 : 예?

Seon-ho:Excuse me?

Expression of the Week

하는 거 봐서 depending on how (you) do

하다 – v. to do 

봐서 – abbreviated form of ‘보고 나서’ (나다)

Casual – 하는 거 봐서

>>This expression is used when someone (A) asks the speaker (B) a question or favor and the speaker (B) does not want to give a clear answer and states that they will decide later after seeing what A says or does. 

>>”봐서” is an abbreviated form of “보고 나서” with “나다” an auxillary verb used when having completed the action of the preceding statement

>> Instead of “하다” the expression can also use other verbs. For example, to the request “아빠, 피자 더 시켜 주세요.” (Dad, can you order some more pizza?), the father could answer “너 먹는 거 봐서” which means, (I’ll see whether to order more or not) after seeing (how much) you eat.

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