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Police University (8) 뭐가 걱정이야

#Drama Lines l 2022-04-18


권혁필 : 체포할 땐 빠져있어. 

수사권은 나랑 유교수만 있으니까.

Hyuk-pil: You stay out of it when we make the arrest. 

Only Professor Yoo and I have investigative rights. 

최희수 : 베테랑이 둘이나 있는데 뭐가 걱정이야. 

빨리 끝냅시다.

Hee-soo: We have two veterans, what’s the worry? 

Let’s get it over with. 

Expression of the Week

뭐가 걱정이야. (What’s the worry?)

뭐 – what, a pronoun used to refer to a subject that does not need to be specified or named

걱정 - worry; concern; care

Casual – 뭐가 걱정이야

Semi-polite/polite – 뭐가 걱정입니까?

>>This expression is used to tell the other party that there is nothing to worry about.  

>>”뭐” in this expression means “what,” but does not refer to a specific object or fact, so the question is not asking about what specifically the other part is concerned about. Rather, it is offering comfort to the other party saying they should not worry about anything.  

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