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Red Shoes (5) 아무거나요

#Drama Lines l 2022-07-04


건욱: 커피, 아이스로 줘요, 따뜻한 걸로 줘요? 

Geon-wook: Do you want iced coffee, or hot coffee? 

혜빈: 아무거나요. 아니 안 마셔요!

Hye-bin: It doesn’t matter. Actually, I don’t want any at all.

건욱: 비싼 것만 마시니까 뭐 우리 집 싸구려는 입에 맞겠어요? 잘 생각했어요.

Geon-wook: You only drink expensive stuff. Our cheap stuff probably wouldn’t suit your tastes. Good thinking. 

혜빈: 뭐야? 재수 없어! 

Hye-bin: What? You suck!  

Expression of the Week

아무거나요 (It doesn’t matter)

아무것 – n. anything; something that is not definite

나 – postpositional particle used to indicate that something or someone includes all of the choices

Casual – 아무거나

Semi-polite – 아무거나요

>> This expression is used when the speaker has been asked to choose from several options, and wants to answer that it does not matter which one. 

>>In the dialogue, Hye-bin’s response to Geon-woo’s question means it doesn’t matter whether it is hot or cold coffee. 

>>The expression can make the speaker sound like they don’t care about what happens, thus making them sound irresponsible, or indifferent to the outcome of their choice.  

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