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Angel’s Last Mission Love (2) 누구 맘대로?

#Drama Lines l 2022-09-12


유미: 오늘 조비서님 외출 있으세요. 

따라서 오늘 하루 임시로 아가씨 곁을 지킬 일일 비서가 필요합니다. 

지원자 받을게요. 없죠? 

보너스 100프로 연차 일주일 

Mr. Jo needs to go out today. So, we need a one-day secretary to stay by your side today. We’ll take volunteers. No one? 100% bonus and one-week of annual leave.  

연서: 누구 맘대로?

Says who?

Expression of the Week

누구 맘대로? (Says who?)

맘 – Short for 마음

마음대로 – adv. At will, as one likes

Casual – 누구 맘대로?

>> This expression is used when the other party says what he or she wants or wants to do and the speaker is saying that things won’t work out the way that the other party wants. 

>>In other words, the speaker is telling the other party “Things won’t go the way you want” or “Things won’t go the way you planned”. 

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