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Angel’s Last Mission Love (9) 맘에 걸리네



단: 아직 시간 있어. 

Dan: There’s still time.

연서: 아니 그게 아니라.. 감독님이.... 

Yeon-seo: No, it’s not that. The director…

단: 그 사람이 왜? 자기 식대로 안 췄다고 뭐라고 해? 

Dan: 아님 뭐 이상한 소리.. 막 그런 거 하구 그래? 

What about the director? Did he say something because you didn’t give it to him his way? Or, did he say something strange? 

연서: 할 말 있다고, 올 때까지 기다린다고...

Yeon-seo: 안 간다고 얘기는 해놨는데 맘에 걸리네. 

He said he had something to say and that he’d wait until I came. I told him I wasn’t coming, but it’s bothering me. 

단: 그 사람 웃기는 사람이네! 고고한 척은 혼자 다 하더니.

Dan: 너한테 기다린다고 했다고? 신경 쓰지도 말고 받아주지도 마! 

What a fool! He acted all high and mighty. He told you he’d wait?? Don’t even worry about it and don’t let him on! 

Expression of the Week

맘에 걸리네 (it’s bothering me)

맘 – short for 마음

걸리다 – v. bother; be anxious; feel guilty

Casual – 맘에 걸리네

Polite – 맘에 걸려요

>> This expression is used by a speaker to express concern or discomfort because he or she has done or said something that they did not mean, cannot take responsibility for, or may have upset another person.

>> The expression can also be targeted at the speaker. For example, the speaker could be worried and uncomfortable that they forgot to turn off the lights before leaving the house and say “불을 껐는지 마음에 걸려서 집에 다시 갔어” which means “I went back home because I wasn’t sure I turned off the lights (and it made me uncomfortable).” 

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