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Angel’s Last Mission Love (11) 허락해 주세요



단: 집사님, 아가씨와 결혼하고 싶습니다. 아가씰 저에게 주십시오! 

Dan: Yoo-mi, I want to marry Yeon-seo. Let me have her hand!

유미: 뭐 하는 거야? 

Yoo-mi: What are you doing? 

단: 모자라고, 부족한 놈이지만, 허락해주신다면, 아가씰 평생 행복하게 해주겠습니다! 

Dan: I know I’m not worthy of her, but if you let me, I’ll make her the happiest woman in this world! 

연서: 아니 어디서 저런 걸 봤는지, 꼭 해보고 싶다잖아요. 

장단 좀 맞춰주세요. 

Yeon-seo: I don’t know where he got this from, but he said he really wanted to try it. Just play along. 

유미: 어디까지가 역할극인지 알아야 북을 치든 장굴 치든 하지. 

둘이 결혼은 진짜야? 

Yoo-mi: I need to know what’s real and what’s role playing to play along. Are you two really getting married? 

연서, 단: 고개를 끄덕인다)

Yeon-seo & Dan: (nods)

유미: 아니 무슨 진도를 광케이블 LTE 속도로 빼.

Yoo-mi: What kind of speedy progress is this? It’s like LTE speed. 

단: 허락해주세요.

Dan: Please give us permission.

Expression of the Week

허락해주세요 (Please give us permission)

허락하다 – v. approve, consent, permit

Casual – 허락해줘 

Polite – 허락해주세요 

>> This expression is used by a speaker when there is something he wants, or if there is something he wants to do.

>> As in the dialogue, “허락해주세요” is often used if the hearer has negative feelings about the content of the request or does not want to do it willingly, and the speaker really wants permission. 

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