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Young Lady & Gentleman (2) 어이가 없네



사라: 어머 벌써 시간이 이렇게 됐네. 

세종이 금방 데리고 올테니까 제가 아까 만들어놓은 세종이 간식 준비해 놓으세요. 

Sara: Oh, look at the time. I’ll bring Sejong. You can prepare the snacks I’ve made for him earlier. 

여주댁: 세종이 떡볶이 먹고 싶다고 했는데. 저기 어묵이랑 라면 사리 넣어서.. 

Housekeeper: Sejong said he wanted tteok-bokki earlier. Maybe I can put some fish cakes and ramen noodles… 

사라: 아줌마 애들 그렇게 자극적인 거 먹고 그럼 안 돼요! 

아줌마 혹시 나 모르게 세종이 그런 거 먹이는 거 아니죠? 

Sara: Kids can’t have such strong-tasting foods! You’re not giving him stuff like that behind my back, are you?

여주댁: 아...아냐! 

Housekeeper: Ah, no…

사라: 다녀올게요.

Sara: I’ll be back. 

여주댁: 어이가 없네. 아무리 돌아가신 사모님 후배라고 지금 어디서 안주인 행세야? 

지나 나나 똑같이 월급 받는 주제구만. 

Housekeeper: How ridiculous. Although she was a friend of our employer’s late wife, why is she acting like she’s the lady of the house now? She’s getting paid just like I am. 

Expression of the Week

어이가 없네 (How ridiculous)

어이없다 – adj. absurd, ridiculous, preposterous, being dumbfounded due to an extremely unexpected occurrence

Casual – 어이가 없네

Semi-polite/Polite – 어이가 없네요 

>> This expression is used to indicate that the other person's words or actions do not make sense or are too outrageous to understand.

>>”어처구니,” a noun meaning being unspeakable or absurd, can replace “어이” to be used in the same way as in “어처구니가 없다” or “어처구니없다”

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