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Naeun plays with his brother! (The Return of Superman) | 241K Views


On EP. 389 of TROS, Naeun, Gunhoo and Jinwoo spend a peaceful time at home with their father Park Jooho. As usual, smart and responsible sister Naeun takes care of Jinwoo. Suddenly, she takes out a baby doll and starts role-playing as a mother, feeding the baby and cooking fake food. This makes Jinwoo feel jealous and makes him copy what Naeun does, letting him unintentionally experience parenting. In the end, Naeun sings a Spanish lullaby that she learned from her grandmother for Jinwoo, and he falls asleep with Naeun’s sweet voice. 

Meanwhile, Gunhoo prepares to greet his best friend Yuri, who is supposed to come over. He gives a stuffed bunny to Yuri as a welcome gift, mentioning that she likes bunnies. He even draws for her and gives his favorite spidy doll without hesitation, making Jooho feel surprised to see his son acting differently around a girl. 

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