Voting for Most Popular Video Award

Voting for Most Popular Video Award

Six participants have made it to the final round with their excellent Korean skills!
Please pick your favorite video for Most Popular Video Award!! You may only select one.

How to vote

After watching the videos created by the six finalists, choose one video and vote for the one that you thought had the most creative and fun content. The video that earned the most votes will be named the Most Popular Video. Some voters will be randomly selected to be sent gifts.

Voting Period

2022.08.19 (Fri.) ~ 2022.08.29 (Mon.)
(Announcement for Most Popular Video voters: Sept. 2)

Watch Video

Here are the "TOP 6" finalists who have made it to the final round after going through fierce competition. The six finalists will take part in "Online Quiz Show" at the end of August, which will be conducted simultaneously through Internet video chatting and access to the Metaverse platform to show off their Korean language skills.
"Who will be the final winner who has both the Korean language skills and extensive knowledge about Korea?
We look forward to your participation and interest.

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