Let's speak about LOVE and PEACE in Korean!

How to Enter the Contest

  • 01Make sure to fully understand the given topic.
  • 02Select one topic and film a Korean language video.
  • 03You must appear in the video yourself.
  • 04Submit the video created following the instructions below.

Preliminary round topic

  • 01Love - Talk about love in Korean. It can be about your love for anyone – to your lover, your friend, family, yourself, or even for the Korean language – in Korean!
  • 02Peace - From the peaceful moments in our daily lives to a world without war and conflict… Peace to us! You can talk about your hope for peace in Korean.
  • 03Hello, King Sejong! - The words you would like to say to King Sejong, If you could transcend time and space in the Metaverse and meet him.


  • - Foreign nationals living outside of Korea are eligible. All however, naturalized Koreans and foreign nationals of Korean descendents are ineligible.
  • - Participants residing in Europe must be 16 years of age or older, or over the minimum age set by their respective home countries.

How to enter the contest

  • 01Prepare the video.
  • 02Upload the video on your Youtube account. Make sure to name the file <KBS Korean Contest 2022_Your Name> in English. (ex: KBS Korean Contest 2022_Elin Lopez)
  • 03Submit the link to your YouTube video to the Preliminary Application Page below.

Please note before submitting

  • - The video should be approximately one minute in length.
  • - The participant's face must be recognizable on the video.
  • - Videos that have entered other contests may not participate.
  • - Winners from other contests will be eliminated from evaluation, and if the fact is discovered after the video is given an award, the award will be cancelled.
  • - When submitting, you must input the YouTube URL of your video.
  • - Playing music, having another video playing in the background or using screen captures of TV programs such as dramas in the submitted video without permission is prohibited. Videos containing any of the above will be disqualified.

For More Information

  • - Contact the KBS WORLD Radio Korean Language Speech Contest team at
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