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Inter-Korean general level talks

Hot Issues of the Week2018-08-05

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South and North Korea continued their general-level military talks at the border truce village of Panmunjeom on Tuesday, following up on agreements reached at their summit in April.

The two sides tried to iron out their differences through a series of negotiation sessions, including two chief delegate meetings.

The two Koreas formed a consensus within a broad framework on ways to peacefully use the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) during their ninth general-level military talks on Tuesday.

Following the talks held at the truce village of Panmunjeom, South Korea’s chief delegate, Major General Kim Do-gyun, told reporters that the two sides agreed to work out timelines and implementation methods through discussions via telephone messages and working-level contacts.

South and North Korea also narrowed differences over withdrawing troops and disarming border guard posts at the Joint Security Area in the DMZ and on a joint project to excavate the remains of troops in the DMZ who were killed during the Korean War.

Though they failed to reach common ground on turning the Northern Limit Line, a de facto sea border, into a peace zone, the two sides did discuss ways to halt hostile activities against each other at sea. They also formed a consensus on suspending firing practices in the Yellow Sea.

In other inter-Korean news, South and North Korea on Saturday exchanged their final lists of family members who will take part in inter-Korean reunions scheduled in North Korea later this month.

Seoul's Unification Ministry said the lists were exchanged in the morning at the Panmunjeom border village.

One hundred people from each side will attend the reunions at the North's Mount Geumgang resort from August 20th to the 26th.

The two Koreas exchanged lists of over 200 names from each side in early July to locate the whereabouts of the relatives across the border that they were separated from by the Korean War.

The two sides then exchanged findings late last month, with South Korea able to confirm 122 survivors among the 200 names it received from North Korea and Pyongyang confirming 122 survivors out of 250 people requested by South Korea.

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