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UNSC Denounces N. Korea’s Latest Missile Provocation

Hot Issues of the Week2017-02-19
UNSC Denounces N. Korea’s Latest Missile Provocation

The UN Security Council(UNSC) has adopted a press statement condemning North Korea's latest missile launch.

In an urgent meeting on Monday, the UN body unanimously denounced North Korea for its missile provocation committed a day earlier. It issued a press statement stating the launch contributes to the development of nuclear weapon transportation systems.

Noting that it is a clear violation of its resolutions, the UNSC urged Pyongyang to halt additional provocations and warned that it could take “additional, grave measures” against the North.

The North announced that it test-launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile from Banghyon in North Pyongan Province last Sunday morning.

The missile was presumed to have flown about 500 kilometers toward the East Sea, reaching an altitude of about 550 kilometers en route.

It was known to have traveled at the maximum speed of Mach 10, faster than the North’s Nodong missiles.

The North’s official media outlets called the launch a success revealing details such as the missile was fired from a higher launch angle. They also discussed technical details, citing its cold launch capabilities, the use of solid fuel and striking accuracy.

Solid fuel significantly shortens the fueling process and thus can enable the regime to conduct surprise missile-launches. The cold-launch technology is also considered progress in the North’s missile program, as it helps the missile evade interception.

The North called the new missile “Pukguksong-2,” indicating that it is a modified version of the “Pukguksong-1,” the submarine-launched ballistic missile(SLBM) the regime launched last August.

According to the pictures released by the North’s Rodong Sinmun, the new missile indeed bears resemblance to the Pukguksong-1, but is slightly longer.

The international community appears to be taking the North’s latest provocation very seriously. This was the first missile launch by the North since October, as well as since the inauguration of the Trump administration in the U.S.

During their trilateral meeting in Bonn, Germany on Thursday, the foreign ministers of South Korea, the U.S. and Japan condemned the North’s missile test-fire. The three leaders warned the North that it will face stronger responses from the international community.

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