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Kim Jong-un's Sister Slams Seoul over Defiant Defectors' Anti-Pyongyang Leaflets

Hot Issues of the Week2020-06-07


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister, Yo-jong, issued a statement criticizing the South Korean government for not preventing anti-Pyongyang leaflet campaigns on the border by North Korea escapees. 

As she threatened to scrap peace agreements between the two Korean militaries and other key accords, Seoul immediately responded, promising to devise ways to prevent civilian groups from sending leaflets.

The North Korea defectors behind the leaflet campaigns accused the South Korean government for siding with the North, saying they will continue to carry out leaflet activities against the North Korean regime.

North Korea also attacked Seoul’s response, saying that legislation to stop such leaflet campaigns should have been in place before South Korea signed a military accord with North Korea to stop all hostile activities.

Kim Yo-jong on Saturday ordered North Korean officials to look into implementing measures to sever ties with the South.

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