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Russian Embassy: All COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted in Pyongyang


According to Russian media, COVID-19 restrictions that were introduced in the North Korean capital have all been lifted as of the end of May.

Citing the Russian embassy in Pyongyang, the TASS news agency said Thursday that embassy employees were allowed to travel to downtown areas to visit grocery stores within diplomat compounds from May 29.

The embassy said that public transport has resumed, pedestrians are walking on the streets and some stores have reopened.

It added that restrictions introduced when North Korea first acknowledged omicron infections in the country on May 12 have essentially all been lifted as of May 30.

The embassy said that at least in capital Pyongyang, the spread of the virus and treatment of patients appear to be under control but that restrictions remain intact in outside the capital. 

It also noted that North Korea has not requested vaccine supply from Russia.

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