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US Holds Reserved Stance on N. Korea's Cruise Missile Launch

US Holds Reserved Stance on N. Korea's Cruise Missile Launch

The U.S. has refrained from commenting on North Korea’s launch of two cruise missiles toward the Yellow Sea on Wednesday.

Asked for a statement on the launch, State Department Press Secretary Ned Price said he has no particular comment before reaffirming that Washington is continuously focused on closely coordinating with allies to realize the ultimate goal of the North’s complete denuclearization.

The State Department apparently opted to take a reserved stance on the North’s latest missile launch as it did not involve ballistic missiles, which the North is banned from launching by the UN Security Council.

Price did, however, cite that Pyongyang’s recent ballistic missile launches were “a clear threat to peace and security in the Indo Pacific and potentially beyond.”

On whether the U.S. will keep its sanctions on the North, Price said Washington “will continue to maintain those sanctions until and unless the underlying conduct, the underlying activity changes and North Korea alters its fundamental approach.”

The press secretary then reiterated that the U.S. strongly supports President Yoon Suk Yeol’s aim to open a path for serious and sustained diplomacy with the North.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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