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NYT: Russia Buying Millions of N. Korean Weaponry


Russia is reportedly buying millions of artillery shells and rockets from North Korea to shore up its arsenal in its ongoing war with Ukraine. 

The New York Times reported on Monday, citing newly declassified U.S. intelligence, which lacked detail on the type of North Korean weaponry being sent to Russia, as well as the scale and timing of their shipment. 

The Times quoted a Washington official as saying that Moscow was expected to seek additional purchases of military equipment from Pyongyang in the future. 

Other global media outlets also issued similar reports, with the Associated Press citing a U.S. official saying that the purported transaction between the two long-standing allies reveals Russia’s worsening supply shortages in its conflict with Ukraine amid international export restrictions and sanctions. 

The U.S. government earlier disclosed that the Russian military received initial shipments of Iranian drones last month, which reportedly showed some mechanical problems.

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