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N. Korea Blasts Seoul's Medium-Term Defense Plan

N. Korea Blasts Seoul's Medium-Term Defense Plan

North Korea has denounced the Yoon Suk Yeol administration's medium-term defense plan as a demonstration of its intent to prepare for invading the North in a nuclear war.

The North's propaganda website Arirang Meari on Saturday published an article titled "Digging its own grave" and claimed the puppet army in the South is set to raise its annual defense spending by an average of six-point-eight percent over the next five years calling it a waste of several hundred billion dollars in taxpayers’ money.

The article said such move by South Korea is laughable as it claimed that the U.S., flaunting its strategic nuclear assets, is also taken aback by North Korea's formidable defense power.

The website also made fun of embarrassing malfunctions and accidents involving South Korean defense equipment last year and said the Yoon administration was foolish and digging its own grave.

Another propaganda website Uriminzokkiri, also took aim at Seoul's mid-term defense plan and argued that its so-called Three Axis strike system is no use against North Korea's powerful national defense.

Under a five-year plan through 2027 unveiled last month, the defense ministry will spend over 330 trillion won to secure more stealth fighter jets and deploy the Army Tactical Missile System as part of efforts to build up the Three Axis defense system.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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