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China's Defense Chief Congratulates N. Korea on Anniversary of Army


China's defense minister has reportedly sent a congratulatory message to his North Korean counterpart on the occasion of the founding anniversary of the North's armed forces last week.

According to the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) on Tuesday, China's defense chief Wei Fenghe sent the message to North Korean defense minister Kang Sun-nam to mark last Wednesday's 75th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army.

In the letter, Wei reportedly said that the two countries' traditionally friendly relationship is permanent and their bilateral ties are entering a new, historic era in recent years under the leadership of the parties and the heads of the two nations.

The Chinese defense chief also said that the military ties between Beijing and Pyongyang, an important part of the bilateral relations, have been solidly developing.

The KCNA said that Wei expressed a willingness to enhance friendly relations between the armies of the two nations and promote peace and stability in the region.

The message reciprocates a similar gesture in August of last year by then-North Korean Defense Minister Ri Yong-gil, who sent a congratulatory message to Wei to mark the 95th anniversary of the foundation of China's People's Liberation Army.

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