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US Justice Department Creates New Cyber Unit to Counter Threats from NK, Hostile States


The U.S. Justice Department has created a new National Security Cyber Section – known as NatSec Cyber – within its National Security Division to better respond to threats from global hacking groups such as those linked to North Korea.

The department released a statement on Tuesday announcing the launch of the new unit tasked with countering cyber threats.

The department explained that the new section is aimed at strengthening intra-governmental coordination against growing dangers posed by adversaries’ illicit cyber activities and will serve as a valuable resource for prosecutors in the 94 U.S. Attorneys' Offices and 56 FBI Field Offices across the country.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen said in a speech that the new division will bolster the Department’s response and capacity to disrupt campaigns and prosecute malicious cyber activity, and aggressive cyber threats by hostile nation-state adversaries.

He added the unit will serve as an “incubator” for more complex investigations devoting time and resources to “highly technical cyber threats,” such as Pyongyang’s efforts to steal funds and technical information to fuel the regime’s nuclear ambitions.

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