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‘N. Korea-Russia Summit Likely Covered Range of Cooperation’

‘N. Korea-Russia Summit Likely Covered Range of Cooperation’

The ministry in charge of inter-Korean affairs assessed that the leaders of North Korea and Russia likely discussed the economy, education and culture and other issues in addition to military cooperation.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, a unification ministry official said it is distinctive that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un explicitly displayed the two sides' resolve for military cooperation while visiting various facilities in Russia via his special train.

The official took note that Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first state leader Kim has held a summit with while on an overseas trip since the pandemic, adding that he visited Russia's space center, naval and air force facilities, a university and a theater.

Referring to Russia's state-run TASS news agency reporting that said Putin mentioned projects of interest for both sides in transportation, distribution, railways and highways, the official said there likely was a discussion on economic cooperation.

Forecasting that the two sides will likely cooperate in areas with urgent demand, the official said Moscow is short on conventional weapons due to the Ukraine war while Pyongyang requires cooperation on next month's planned satellite launch.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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