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Unification Ministry Downplays Weight of Kim Yo-jong’s Statement

Unification Ministry Downplays Weight of Kim Yo-jong’s Statement

The ministry in charge of inter-Korean affairs said it would be difficult to make projections about a North Korea-U.S. dialogue based on the latest scathing statement by the sister of regime leader Kim Jong-un.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, a unification ministry official discouraged a heavy analysis of the wording in the statement under the current situation, noting that the statement is simply yet another consistently released by Kim Yo-jong on developing issues.

The official urged Pyongyang to make a sensible decision between dialogue and confrontation for the future and livelihood of its people, as stated by Kim, and to turn away from the path of provocation and threats toward dialogue and cooperation.

Asked about Kim’s reference to a request by the U.S. that Pyongyang set a date and agenda for a meeting, the official said Washington has repeatedly expressed openness to talks with Pyongyang without preconditions. 

In the statement released earlier on Thursday, Kim declared that the sovereign rights of an independent country are not up for discussion and ruled out any talks with the U.S. on the matter.

[Photo : KBS News]

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