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Gov't Unilaterally Sanctions 11 with Ties to N. Korea's Satellite Launch

Gov't Unilaterally Sanctions 11 with Ties to N. Korea's Satellite Launch

The government has unilaterally sanctioned eleven North Koreans for their involvement in the country’s military reconnaissance satellite launch last Tuesday.

Seoul's foreign ministry said on Friday that it has designated eleven individuals involved in Pyongyang's satellite development, procurement of related goods, and ballistic missile research and development.

Four of the five with links to satellite development and supply procurement are officials under the North's National Aerospace Technology Administration, including deputy Ri Chol-ju and a manager at the state-run Ryongsong machine complex.

Six others linked to ballistic missile development and management include two senior munitions industry department officials, Choe Il-hwan and Choe Myong-chol and Jin Su-nam, trade official at the North Korean Embassy in Moscow.

The sanctions are an international first for all aside from Jin, with further unilateral blacklisting possible by South Korea’s allies or partner nations, such as the U.S. and Japan.

Since last October, Seoul has announced 13 rounds of sanctions designations, affecting 75 individuals and 53 organizations linked to the regime’s nuclear and missile programs.

The U.S., Japan and Australia also announced respective unilateral sanctions against North Korean individuals and organizations in response to the regime's satellite launch. It is the first time for Australia to join the concurrent sanctions designations.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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