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Powerful Sister of N. Korean Leader Derides Yoon's New Year's Address

Powerful Sister of N. Korean Leader Derides Yoon's New Year's Address

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un denounced President Yoon Suk Yeol’s New Year’s Day address unveiling a plan to complete the enhanced South Korea-U.S. extended deterrence system to deter any nuclear and missile threat by the regime.

In a statement on Tuesday, Kim Yo-jong, a vice department director of the Workers' Party's Central Committee, said that the deterrence plan has provided a justification for the North to further spur efforts to secure more overwhelming nuclear capability.

Kim sarcastically credited President Yoon with making anxiety over security commonplace in South Korea.

The vice director also sarcastically praised Yoon’s contribution to North Korea’s enhancement of military power, citing the introduction of U.S. nuclear assets to the South as justification for such development.

She added that Yoon’s reference to the North’s regime and military as “the principal enemy to be destroyed” clarified who her country’s true adversary is, passing the responsibility of increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula to Seoul.

The younger Kim also sarcastically disparaged Yoon as one-dimensional compared to his liberal predecessor Moon Jae-in, whom she called “sagacious” and “crafty.”

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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