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N. Korea Warns Risk of Inter-Korean Clashes 'Highest' This Year

N. Korea Warns Risk of Inter-Korean Clashes 'Highest' This Year

North Korea has strongly criticized South Korea’s military exercises, warning that chances of a clash between the two Koreas will be the highest this year. 

The North's Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) said on Thursday that South Korea, which spent last year carrying out military provocations, is continuing to engage in “self-destructive acts” even in the new year, referring to the recent South Korean military exercises such as the special forces’ wintertime training, Army artillery exercises and naval firing drills.

The KCNA accused South Korean military commanders of creating an atmosphere of war with visits to front-line units and belligerent remarks, adding that there will be the highest risk of clashes this year.

The report used harsh words to slam South Korea, saying that the crazier dogs become, the sooner they will go to the slaughterhouse.

North Korea has been ramping up its anti-South Korea rhetoric since its leader Kim Jong-un redefined inter-Korean relations as a relationship between two hostile countries at the end of a major year-end party meeting last week.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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