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Pres. Moon Emphasizes Sports as Basic Rights for All

2021.08.02 (19:58)
Pres. Moon Emphasizes Sports as Basic Rights for All

Photo : YONHAP News

President Moon Jae-in has emphasized that the foundation of sports lies in respect and consideration for others, and that there is no room for discrimination. His remarks come as triple Olympic gold medalist archer An San recently became a target of vicious anti-feminist online attacks due to her short hair.

In a meeting with his aides on Monday, Moon said said that everyone has the basic right to enjoy sports and that there is no room for any form of discrimination, whether it be on race, gender, nationality, social status, level of income, or physical limitations.  

His remarks came amid accusations on certain online communities that cater to anti-feminist male members that An, who won three gold medals at the Tokyo Games, is a fanatical women's rights advocate solely based on her short hair, which some associate with radical feminism.

An is the first-ever archer to grab three golds at a single Olympics.

Moon took note of the Sports Fundamental Act, which scheduled to be proclaimed at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday. He expressed his hopes that the law will provide an opportunity to improve attitudes and cultures towards sports.

The law, which last month was approved at a National Assembly plenary session, stipulates the central and municipal governments’ duty to guarantee the public's right to engage in sports activities without discrimination.