• 01
    • Eligibility
    • You must not be a Korean citizen. Korean citizens are not eligible to apply.
      You must be an adult according to the law of your country of citizenship.
      Your place of residence will not be considered in your eligibility to enter the contest.
  • 02
    • Song
    • Any Korean pop song by a Korean artist is welcome.
  • 03
    • UCC Length
    • At least two minutes.
  • 04
    • Solo or group, there are no limitations
      on the number of people per application.
  • 05
    • Schedule
    • Preliminaries : July 25th ~ August 26th (5 Weeks / KST)
    • Preliminary Results Announcement : August 31st
  • 06
    • Semi-Finalists Notification
    • The Top 10 semi-finalists will be notified via e-mail mid-August.
  • 07
    • Top 3 Finalists
    • Listen to the opinions, tips and advice of the original singer of your given UCC song, the songwriter, song composer, and/or mentor, and send us a new and improved UCC of your performance on the same song originally submitted.
  • 08
    • Award
    • Final Winner : 1 Person – Round Trip Ticket to Korea and expenses for six days, a chance to attend a K-pop music program and a chance to be on KBS TV programs.
    • Second-Place : 1 Person – Samsung DSLR camera
    • Third-Place : 1 Person – Samsung Galaxy Player (16GB)
    • Other Participants : About 100 People – Souvenirs.
  • 09
    • Attention
    • Applicants’ must be clearly recognizable on the UCC videos.
    • If the song is not actually sung by the applicant, the applicant may be disqualified.
    • The applicants’ UCC must be one made exclusively for this contest and this contest only.
    • Applicants’ must be able to visit Korea at the end of October to the beginning of November to participate in a special program.
    • Notifications on the contest will be sent via e-mail. The organizers do not accept any responsibility for any and all situations caused by negligence to check e-mails by the applicant.
    • KBS holds all rights to the submitted video.
    • You will be disqualified from the contest if you are discovered to be under the legal age of adulthood in your country of citizenship.