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Homemade Love Story (2) 제가 좀 바빠서요

#Drama Lines l 2021-06-07


우재희: 이거 술집에서 주우셨죠. 

Jae-hee: You picked this up at the bar, didn’t you?

황나로: 아뇨. 길에서.

Na-ro: No, on the street. 

우재희: 길에서요? 하... 이거 주인 전화도 안 왔죠? 잃어버린 줄도 모를 거야 지금.

Jae-hee: On the street? The owner didn’t even call. They probably don’t even know they’ve lost it.

황나로: 그럼 이만.

Na-ro: Well, I’m off.  

우재희:저기, 차 한 잔 하고 가세요. 수고하셨는데.

Jae-hee: Please, have some tea. You took the trouble to come here. 

유실장: 그러세요. 앉으세요.

Mr. Yoo: Yes, please sit down for a bit. 

황나로:아니 괜찮습니다. 

Na-ro: It’s alright. 

우재희: 일부러 여기까지 오셨는데 한 잔 하고 가세요. 

저는요, 아직까지 이런 모범시민이 계시다는 거에 제가 다 흐뭇하네요. 

Jae-hee: You’ve come all this way. Please sit down and have some tea. 

I feel content knowing that there are still model citizens like you. 

황나로: 제가 좀 바빠서요. 수고하세요.

Na-ro: I’m a bit busy. I better be off. 

Expression of the Week

제가 좀 바빠서요. (I’m a bit busy)

바쁘다 – adj. busy; hectic

Casual – 부담스러워

Semi-polite - 부담스러워요 

>> “제” is used to refer to “I” but expresses politeness by showing the speakers humility when the postpositional particle “가” is attached

>>This expression is used to politely decline an offer in a roundabout way rather than bluntly saying “no.” In the dialogue, Na-ro is declining Jae-hee’s suggestion to stay for some tea without trying to be impolite. 

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